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From the Chair (November 2023)

The ExComm has been active in trying to build our membership and find speakers for upcoming meetings. These are two areas where you, the member associations, can help us. I encourage you to reach out to neighboring associations, or friends or work colleagues who live in other communities, and give them a sales pitch on the benefits of joining the BDC. Since the last “From the Chair” article, we have added five more associations (Middleridge, Olde Forge/Surrey Square, Somerset South, University Square, and Wakefield Chapel Woods) and now stand at 20 members. Last year, we had 24 members and our goal is still to reach 40 members for this operating year, so anything you can do to help convince other associations to join will be very helpful.

As distilled from our “Value Proposition” statement (which appeared in the October “From the Chair”), the Council provides a forum for HOA/CA leaders to meet to discuss neighborhood governance issues common to all associations, as well as a means to amplify their voices in terms of issues that affect several or even all associations within the district. We also host outside speakers to provide valuable information about association legal matters and Fairfax County government departments. We also co-host the Best of Braddock Awards event and the annual legislative update from our elected state and local officials.

As for topics and speakers for future meetings, we welcome any suggestions. We are currently working on a couple of such inputs and hope to announce the topic(s) and date(s) via our website and other means in the not-too-distant future.

On 1 November, Bill Vaughn from the Virginia Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program (VICAP) made at the Kings Park Library on “Medicare 101” to kick off the 2023-2024 Braddock District Aging in Place program headed up by new volunteer coordinator, Paul Hartwell, working in concert with Vice-Chair Marie Norman. Approximately 25 people attended the event in person and several others took part via Zoom. (I attended the “Medicare 101” presentation as did BDC Treasurer, Barbara Smith and we both found it to be very informative.) This was the first in what will be an ongoing schedule of presentations aimed at providing seniors with valuable information on a variety of topics of importance to them. For more information about VICAP and Medicare-related issues, go to As a related item, if you are interested in starting a senior outreach program in your association, please contact Marie Norman at

On 2 November, all members of the ExComm met with the supervisor’s staff aides to review nominations for this year’s Best of Braddock Awards. As was the case in previous years, this year’s nominees truly represent the “best” in terms of making important contributions to the quality of life in our community. The awards will be presented at a ceremony on Wednesday, 6 December (7-9 p.m.). This is a BDC-supported event, so please come to help recognize the people who are making a big difference in Braddock District.

Our next regular business meeting will be held on Wednesday, 15 November at 7 p.m. in Braddock Hall. There will be several items on the agenda so we are hoping for a good turnout.

Bob Cosgriff


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