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Braddock District Council Aging in Place Program

This program was started because a Braddock survey of residents identified it as something residents were interested in having. It started in 2011 as an evening program in the Kings Park Library with two complimentary goals: to urge Civic, HOA and Condo associations to start a "Village" program and to provide means to get AIP ideas to those residents who did not have Villages. As of 2019, 13.4% of Fairfax County residents were 65 and older. That is 1 in every 7 residents. By 2023, this number is projected to grow to 17.7%. There are no "Villages" in the Braddock District.

The initial program was started by Bruce Wallachy of Kings Park West. He produced this program from 2011 until early 2023. He is our Hero!! When Bruce retired the program was taken over by Paul Hartwell of North Springfield. Paul's initial program was Medicare 101 in November 2023 and deemed a big success. The Aging in Place program is ongoing!

The URL of the recordings is sent to 400+ contacts on an email list but is open to all. To be placed on the mailing list, please send an email request to Marie at The topics are focused on many aspects of aging (physical, mental, diet, scam avoidance, Fairfax County resources and more). The speakers come from Fairfax County, George Mason, hospitals, AARP, etc.

Fairfax County Economic Development Authority's  demographics report reveals that Fairfax County is growing older, richer  and more diverse.  In order to keep that older community informed and engaged, The Aging in Place Program puts the Braddock District ahead of the curve in addressing issues like reducing Social Isolation and Volunteering as is being addressed in the Fairfax County SHAPE initiative. It is also a vital part of the Council's Senior Outreach program.


Does your Association have a Senior Outreach program?

If you do, we'd like to hear what you are doing.  If you don't, we'd like to help you start one.

Please contact Marie Norman at



Recorded Presentations

Presentation Documents and Additional Resources

Scams and Frauds - AARP ScamJam April 2024

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