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Braddock District Council Aging in Place Program

This Program was started because Braddock survey by residents identified an ‘Aging in Place’ (AIP) program as something they wanted BDC to do.  It started in 2011 as an evening program in the Kings Park library, with two complimentary goals:

  1. Urge Civic, HOA and Condo associations to start a “Village” program (Boston’s was an example); and 

  2. Provide means to get AIP ideas to those residents who did not have Villages (there are none in Braddock District)

It moved from monthly evening presentations (third Wednesday) to 1 PM because most attendees were retired/not working and library meeting rooms were easier to schedule.  During the pandemic, the BDC funded a move to the Zoom platform.  Presentations are now recorded and placed on YouTube.


The URL of the recordings is sent to 400+ on an email list, but is open to all.  To be placed on the mailing list, please send an e-mail request to Bruce at  The views are tabulated by YouTube; the vary based on topic, but average 35-50 views per recording.  The topics are focused on many aspects of aging (physical, mental, diet, scam avoidance, exercise, County resources, etc.).  Speakers come from Fairfax County, George Mason, hospitals, doctors, AARP, etc.

In the near future, we will likely need new organizer as the founder is ready to transfer the task to someone else after over a decade on the job.  If interested, contact Bruce Wallachy at

The Kings Park West Civic Association has a voluntary, person-to-person “Neighbor Assist” program (handyman help, no-cost labor), yard help and snow removal (paid) , but not a full “Village” resources (there are liability issues with association-endorsed programs)

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