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WHAT is the Braddock District Council?

The BDC’s goal is to promote civic, community and general welfare of Braddock District citizens by

  • representing the interests of all community associations in the Braddock District

  • facilitating cooperation and coordination among member organizations,

  • providing a direct path of communications between member organizations and local government agencies, and

  • magnifying the impact of our community voices through enhanced communication

WHO can join the BDC?

Membership is open to all HOAs, Civic or Community Associations as well as Condo & Pool Associations in the Braddock District. The size of the organization dictates the dues and the number of votes on the BDC.

WHY should a community organization join the BDC?

  • Share Best Practices among local community organizations

  • Receive up-to-date, first-hand information from local officials

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to voice opinions on District, County, State and School Board issues

  • Get to know neighboring community Associations and neighbors

  • Work with other Associations to identify and devise local solutions

  • Raise awareness of needs for services in your community

  • Participate in annual Best of Braddock Citizen Awards and Taste of Braddock, and concert events

  • Inspire other citizen community volunteers in your community

WHERE does the BDC meet?

Braddock Supervisor’s office, Braddock Hall (9002 Burke Lake Dr.)


WHEN does the BDC meet?

Quarterly, on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month -- 7:00 pm

2022 Braddock District Map

You can download the 2022 Braddock District Map here

Our Bylaws

Last amended on November 13, 2013: View/Download our Bylaws

May 2024: Bylaws (track changes) / Bylaws (clean draft)

Advantages of Active Participation


Receive up-to-date information from officials


Opportunity to question and be heard on District, County, State, and School Board issues


Know neighboring community Associations


Participate in Best of Braddock Citizens Awards and Taste of Braddock local business cuisines


Inspire other dedicated Braddock volunteers

Woodwalk Community

Oak Hill

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